Maternity Nurse Sought for 3-6 month Booking starting August 2020 - London

Maternity Nurse
Ref: 717 Date Posted: Friday 15 May 2020
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A friendly British couple, with a 2-year-old daughter, are expecting their second child in August.  They live in Stamford Brook, London, W6.  They are looking to hire a lovely maternity nurse/night nanny to work for their family for the birth of their child for 4-6 months.  You should be available for the duration of this booking.

Package Offered

  • The booking is for the first 2 weeks at 24/6 and then the remaining weeks up to 4 months at night support only.
  • During the first two weeks of booking, you'll be paid a 24-hour rate of £300 gross per 24 hours (£1800 for 6 days work).
  • Thereafter once you transition into the night only support, you'll be paid, £4000 gross per month paid (Total of £16,000 for the 4 months work)
  • There is a possibility to extend the booking for an additional 2 months to 6 months.
  • They will also pay in addition for the 2 weeks of isolation prior to the due date.

Family Background
A busy family, the husband works on busy projects, with often long hours (but the hours regularly change) and the mother is busy with her projects and schedule each week.  They have a daughter who will be 2.5 years old when the next baby is born. It's a lovely property with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a conservatory and a garden.  They have a part-time housekeeper who comes twice a week - however, this has stopped during the pandemic and due to mum being high risk will most likely be suspended for the immediate future.  With their first child, the parents had a maternity nurse/night support for the first six months and would like to find a lovely candidate who can give their family the same support.  Mum is due on the 20th of August, and this is her second baby.  She plans a natural delivery with breastfeeding as part of the routine from birth.

All night nanny and maternity nurse duties.  You should be experienced working with babies and newborn.  The mum and dad like to get into a good sleep pattern and routine early on.  The mum will be breastfeeding but will express to allow for the night bottle feed.  You will sleep in the baby's room.  You should be flexible to become part of family life, ensuring mum and dad get their rest, and even play with the older child when mum is with the baby.  Having the right attitude and approach is key, as the parents are down to earth.  You'll be given your time off in the morning to rest and sleep.  

The family would like the first two weeks to be full 24/6 care.  If you want to have the Sunday off each week you can do so, or you can work through the first 14 days.  After that, the first two weeks have passed they will want to move to night only support (6 nights a week), as they prefer to have the space/day's to themselves.  

Due to the mum being on the vulnerable list, she is at risk for COVID-19, therefore anyone applying for this role, must be happy to self-isolate for the first two weeks prior to starting (you will be paid for your time), then either live in during the first two weeks, or commute safely to the property on the Sunday.  The following 3-6 months for the night support you would commute safely, but you must remain in isolation at home, due to the fact that the mother cannot be exposed to the virus.  This would mean this role would be better suited to those who do not have family members coming and going at home.  The mum's health and her baby is paramount.  You should be discreet, honest and just willing to become a value member of the family life and new baby to be.

The family home is in Stamford Brook, London, W6.  You should be able to easily commute for the majority of the booking during the 3-6 months, with the first two weeks of the booking living in.  During the two first weeks, you'll have your own room for sleeping in (during your break).  To commute you should either walk, cycle or take private car - not public transport.

The baby is due on the 20th of August.  Two weeks prior to this you will be expected to go into self-isolation as mum is high risk to COVID-19.  During the first two weeks you'll work 6 days 24 hours, with a four-hour break in the morning.  If you want to work through the first fourteen days with no day off then this is also fine.  Then you'll transition to just nights only arriving at 9pm and finishing around 8am the next morning.  For the next period of the booking (the family will likely book you up to 6 months), you'll commute daily six days a week for night support.

You should speak an excellent level of English.  

Special Skills
Driving is not required, but if you do drive and have your own car this would be a plus to ensure the self-isolation can continue.  You should be an experienced maternity nurse/night nurse/maternity nanny.

Interview/Start date
The family is interviewing now for the booking to be formalised between the family and candidate.  The family will be respecting the government guidelines on COVID-19 to safely recruit their new maternity support.